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Which Is greater, the female spirit or her beauty?

Jul 15, 2015 Marie Davis

OPRAHI bet you have already answered this, but lets take a moment to delve a little deeper.  I find it amazing how some of the most beautiful women in the world whom have lived on their looks and never developed anything deeper beyond a great smile, now don’t look so hot.  The age of botox, facelifts, breast implants and tummy tucks are front and center in the fight to hang on to our youthful looks. The scramble to find the best plastic surgeon is  a fulltime job for some as aging begins.

Yes, we are told at a young age, how “pretty” this little girl  is and how “sweet” this one is.  Forever separating the two girls on looks.  It always works out that the one who’s told she’s “sweet” seems to be the winner in the end, because of her need to cultivate her inner beauty.  That’s the spirit part. We all admire the beauty and brains of Oprah, but do you know her story?  I have always been a great admirer of her.  She’s never been considered beautiful by some.


What about the first lady, Michelle Obama, we’ve all heard the talk about her.  But, I keep wondering what are the naysayers looking at.  I see a smart, beautiful woman that no woman can match.  She embodies the spirit of an achiever.  She maintains stature far beyond being the first lady.42-21828752She is a Harvard law school graduate. Her “Let’s Move” campaign is helping millions of kids find healthier ways to live and eat.  I can go on and on about the women I admire for their spirit, such as JK Rowling,  You, know, the writer of the Harry Potter series.  If you have a moment, look her up and read her bio. The Queen of England (I think I like her because she rocks some great hats).

Yes, some that were never considered beautiful have a quintessence about them that has developed them into women that I would want to be around everyday.They are smart, giving,loving and amazing at what they do.  I love smart women. Women who can carry on an intelligent conversation.  I love women who dare to step out and try their hands at something that will give light to others.

That is what I hope to be able to give to one, “Precious” woman through this blog and conversation.  So, I guess you know my answer to the question above.  I believe the power of a woman’s spirit to endure is greater than her beauty which keeps looking over her shoulder for father time.  Au Revoir