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What I Know For Sure

Dec 16, 2015 Marie Davis

Article by Marie Davis


I am on this magnificent journey to change my mind when it comes to money.  Financial wealth is something that I am really concerned about achieving success in.  I know that as I work to remove old thoughts about how I use to feel about money, things are beginning to change for me. No longer do I believe that I cannot have everything that I want concerning my financial goals. I realize now that it was my thoughts that were keeping me from achieving.  I use action words now when I speak about money.  I am working that Law of Attraction these days and as I learn to use it everyday, I know that I will achieve my goals.  I am laser focused on them.

I have listened to The Science of Getting Rich, an audio book by Wallace D. Wattles, and it really lays out from start to finish all the steps I need to get where I want to go.  There is an infinite amount of money in this world and all I have to do is work the principles.  The Universe has enough money for everyone.  I am using my will only on myself to keep myself thinking and acting in a certain way. I have a right to be rich. I am deserving of being rich.  The principles are showing definite rewards I must say.  My mind, emotions and actions are in tune with what I want to achieve financially and I will not turn back.  I will get rich.  I will prove to those who don’t believe that it can happen to them also, that it can happen to all.  Poverty is against GOD’s plans for us. What can you do for HIM if you don’t have enough for yourself?

I want everyone to share in this knowledge in what has been referred to as “the secret” by Oprah.  So, what are you believing in financially?  What are the thoughts floating around and around in your mind? Its time to release those thoughts and rewire your mind. Are you ready!?