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PinkestKiss – A Personal Brand

Nov 11, 2015 Marie Davis


Women of beauty and fashion what if there was a lingerie sexy catwalk show featuring beautiful women of color that rivals Victoria Secret?  They say black models don’t sell, but do they not know that black women buy?  We are some of the most powerful spenders out there.  Its a great way to build wealth and keep it in our community. I think it would be an excellent idea.

Featured models like Jourdan Dunn  and Maria Borges can grace the catwalk and showcase beautiful designs by major headliners. This will not only allow black models the same access to fashion shows as others, but it will increase revenue for the designers showcasing these models.  Revenue going to Victoria Secret from women of color would now go to the Pinkestkiss Brand.

Black women are the number one demographic in spending money on fashion, makeup and hair.   Not to mention shoes. We can corner this market and make it our own. Like Miss Robbie on Sweetie Pies would say, “if it don’t make money, it don’t make sense.”  Of course, they would all have to be under the Pinkestkiss Personal Brand which is all about personal fashion and lifestyle. So, choose well.