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Christmas Beauty Recipe

Dec 03, 2015 Marie Davis

   Article by Marie Davis

  My Christmas beauty recipe will  be simple this year.  A Christmas beauty recipe is that one ingredient that you need for the finished product.  What’s a woman to do when she’s busy and doesn’t have the time to sit in the salon hours on hours under the dryer waiting for the hairdresser to call you to her chair.  You’re tired and almost asleep, cause I bet you came after work, and as she whips the cape around your shoulders and grab a comb to run through your hair, you sigh and believe you will actually get out of here in another hour with your sharp hairdo. Then the phone rings.  She has to get this she tells you, and you squirm in the chair,  anger simmering as you wait for her to get off the phone.  Has this ever happened to you? I can say it has happened to me countless times.  So what’s a woman to do if she still wants to look fashionable from head to toe?DSC_0167

I go to my best friend.  A natural wig that’s full of curls and frames my face like a wet kiss on a first date when you haven’t been with a man in months. Yikes! I discovered wigs about three years ago. Trying to learn the difference in the many textures. I don’t care for the straight hair, so I bought a Perfect Hair Collection BrazIilian Body Wave bundle that I really like. Its not a wig, but its hair clips.  This bundleDSC_0174

has 6 hair clip pieces. It runs at a price of $100 up. This is how it looks when I open it and pull the clips apart. I love it because it look so natural and it won’t be sewed or glued into my hair which can damage the hair root.


If I buy weave, I don’t buy the cheap hair.  The look is synthetic and super shiny.


Look at the beautiful curl and texture. Yes, I do love wigs, but will do hair clips this Christmas. It fast and simple to wear, just part clean hair and press the clips in.  If you need that Christmas Beauty Recipe tip to get you through all of the holiday parties, people and family events, then discover your own style and don’t be afraid to broaden your hair horizon.  It can be a merry Christmas indeed.  Personal lifestyle and fashion is a choice, so remember to choose well.