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Sep 06, 2015 Marie Davis


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Let’s talk money.  I know a lot of you want, need  and have it, but what does your attitude toward money say about you?

Are you the type who just can’t say no when friends or family members ask to borrow money from you?  Do you feel ashamed to even think of saying no to them?  Do you fork it over just like the ATM they think you are?  Then you need to change your attitude before you are bled dry.  I know we love our friends and family but we cannot continue to do this if we want to build wealth.  We are hurting ourselves as well a them by continuing to let them lean on us.  Their poor financial choices should not be our burden.

I use to think saying no meant that I didn’t love someone, instead I found that I was weak.  I had no in my head, but it never found its way out of my mouth.  What would the family say if I said no.  Would they say that I’ve changed or that I think I’m better than others.  Truth be told, I don’t have a big bank account that I can constantly go into whenever I have a whim, but I do have some money. I work hard and am always trying to think of ways to make more.  I want to leave my son a legacy.  I want to leave him with wealth and I cannot do that if I am always being the ATM, and they in return,  not expecting to pay the money back.  I am not being mean spirited but, I am trying to build something here and I hope you are too.

If you want to build wealth, then you need to read the book by Patrice Washington, “Real Money Answers for Every Woman.”  It is absolutely great and sets you on the road to changing your attitude toward money, which is your first step toward wealth building. You can find this book on for less than $20.  I know you can afford it if you will give up one restaurant dinner, one latte, or one new pair of shoes. Do you really need another pair of shoes or would it hurt you to not eat out one night?

Steve Harvey, what can I say about this man and all of the wisdom he is sharing with women.  I am a subscriber to his free 10-week Soar to Success series and the women guest speaking in these series are amazing in offering up advice to women.  The series host, Doreen Rainey, is a business and life coach.  So, you have free access to that already. The Soar to Success series is online every Thursday at 7p  for 10 weeks only.  The series is dedicated to uplifting women who want real talk on careers, wealth and relationships.  I guess you can tell that I am a great admirer of this man. I have several of his books and trust what he says. He is a great mentor for women who are ready to step out and step up.

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I read a book once that said, wealthy people have in their homes lots of books while the middle class has a lot of magazines.  Sure, magazines are great to read, but you must also read books that can share gold nuggets of advice with you on wealth building and the mindset you need to have to attain it. Steve Harvey quoted someone once, or this may have been his saying, that “the best thing we can do for poor people is to not be one of them.” If you want to always live paycheck to paycheck then continue on your way, but if you want more than you have to put in the work.

I have learned that small talk is just that small talk and I don’t have time, and neither should you,  with people who have nothing to input into my life that will help me grow financially.  I heard someone say once, “that if you are the smartest person in your group of friends, then you are in the wrong group.”   If you want increases in your bank account and want to start building your wealth, then read, learn, study and read some more about people who have done it.   Go to wealth building seminars and subscribe to the Soar to Success series.  Ladies,  if you are  ready to start on your road to wealth, your first step begins today.