Ideal Life? Yes, you can have what you want

Aug 08, 2016 Marie Davis

Giving UP?FullSizeRender (5)

I don’t think I can every give up on myself. I haven’t blogged in a while, so here I am.   I have been through some major funky things in my life.  This past weekend I just needed to get away, sleep bare (ssh!) and restore myself.  It gets hard sometimes when you feel you are in the wrong career because your passion is helping others while helping yourself.  Only to find that the weekend is just like a myth, here today and gone tomorrow.

I am in transition to a better me and I want others to realize that they too can be better. You can have so much of what you want but you have to stop telling yourself that you can’t have it.  There will be negative people around all the time who can’t wait to see you fall on your face.  I say you can prove them wrong!  Watch them scatter when you show your bad ass to them.

Motivation and transformation are too different things.  One will leave you pumped up and ready to go, until you leave the presence of the motivator.  Transformation is a process that takes clarity of purpose and time.  Tony Robbins said, ” a decision is not a decision until you take action.”  You can make one decision today that won’t cost you anything.  Make the decision to live your dream without regrets.  I got you!