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How’d It Work For you?

Jul 06, 2015 Marie Davis

triumph_braHow many of you have been in a bra size that you chose for yourself?  You thought it was your size because it held everything in.  Well, guess what so did I.  I thought that I was a particular bra size and kept wearing this size for years, not realizing that I was making a terrible mistake.  It just never seemed to look right under my clothes,  too tight here, not covering enough here,  but I never gave it a second thought. One day while walking through the  mall,  I walked into a Playtex store because they were having an incredible sale. I went in to look around at the selections in all of the prettiest colors, but when the sales associate asked to help me find my size, a light went off in my head and I told her that I didn’t quite know which size I wore.  She didn’t seem surprised, as many ladies have that problem, she said. She asked me if I would like to be sized.  My first thought was I don’t have time for this, I’ll just grab a couple of bras and panties and be out of there, besides I didn’t want to take my bra off and have some strange woman touching me. Instead, this time I said, okay, lets do this. She took me back into a private area, put the measuring tape under my arms and across my breasts .  I was actually two cup sizes larger than the bra I was wearing. She told me that my breasts were not all in the breast cup..  My bras now fit perfectly. I am so thankful that I made the choice to get fitted. It really makes my clothes look better on me.  So, ladies, getting sized for a properly fitting bra is a must.  I can look at a woman and tell when she has on a bra that is wrong and doing nothing for her except covering her breast.  Trust me you will feel like a million bucks with the right one. When you get this done, let me know about it and tell me how you feel. Get  sized now to look great and  live well!