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How to take a trip to Paris without spending a dime

Jul 07, 2015 Marie Davis

Lancome perfumeI know you thought I had found a free flight for you, but no I would have already left on it.  When I want to close my eyes and visit Paris, I just go to my bedroom and spray a little whiff of Lancome’s La vie est belle or Hynose behind my ears and on my wrists. Its light and sexy.  Its all about making yourself feel great.  Don’t wait for someone to come along and sweep you off your feet before you start indulging in yourself.  We ladies have the power to enlighten and uplift ourselves. You can get these fragrances at any Macy’, Dillards or high end  department stores.  I guarantee you will love the way they make  you feel.  Live well.  Au Revoirlancome hypnose