Flying With One Wing

Aug 10, 2016 Marie Davis


It’s almost October!  Time really flies when there’s only 24 hrs in the day.  I have a workshop in Ballyntyne, NC in October that I am ready for.  Sure hope its worth the money.   Its an approach to personal development. I am on this abundance track and I plan to finish it.   Every dream requires a plan.

I love quoting a great speaker whose purpose is to serve the masses of people thirsty for more life.   From Tony Robbins to  Dr. Michael Beckwith to Lisa Nichols.  There is so much to learn from these three.  They each have inspiring beginning stories.  We all have come to serve and we are all entitled to abundance.  I am not sure who said this, “God doesn’t call the qualified, but qualifies the called”, is exactly that.

Some people are like puppets, they let others pull your strings as they pretend to be in control of their own life.  If you are not allowing others to direct you, then when was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something that didn’t please anybody but you?  Are you still worried about what people may say about you?  Repeat with me, “I am independent of your positive or negative opinion of me.”   Repeat this several times a day for 30 days to get the feel of change in your spirit.  I prefer to walk alone than to walk with someone who can’t see my greatness.  Don’t tell me what I can’t do, tell me what I can do.!   I need a ride or die friend who wants the abundant life as much as I believe that it is our birthright!  I want friends who are 5-10 steps ahead of me who can help show me the way.  What do you want?

We all pretend we want to leap, to do something with our lives, but when we get to the edge that old brain tells us “stop, you might get hurt! You might fail!  Lisa Nichols said you have to learn to play between your brain and your soul.  Most of us play only with our brain whose purpose is to keep us safe.  But think about it, is being safe living?   Your fear is not being afraid to fly but, its dying before you live.

To get anything new in our lives, we have to let go of the old.  Your hands are full of holding on to old habits and thoughts that do no more than keep you where you are.  If you are content there, then there is nothing I can say.

The old reruns in our minds that keep reminding us that we aren’t suppose to have more than we have.  That nobody in our family ever had a million dollars, so you are not suppose to either!  That this person’s opinion of me means more to me than my life.  That if you let your light shine, somebody will get offended.  All of this is somebody pulling your strings and you’re letting them matter more to you than yourself.

I made a vow at the beginning of the year, to not let anyone matter in my life more than me.  It doesn’t matter who it is.  I love you, but I can also love you from a distance.  W. Clement Stone had a great saying, “It is impossible to conceive how far up is except for the limitations of our own mind!”  I don’t want to limit myself and I know you don’t want to either.  Abundance is our birthright!