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Financial Moves Women Need To Make

Dec 12, 2015 Marie Davis

Article by Marie Davis


Making the move from dreamer to achiever is a huge step for some women.  Taking control of your finances and achieving the wealth you desire starts first with a change in your mindset.  Your mind is like a pump that needs to be primed everyday.  It is a powerful thing that can help you achieve all of your financial goals or it can keep you hoping that somebody will come along one day and hand you a bucket full of money.  We both know that’s not going to happen, so why not work a strategy and follow a process to get there and make it happen for yourself.

The first thing I would tell anyone is to write down your goals. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve financially. Its good to write it down because it helps you to visualize your goal.  I believe in vision boards because they help me by being able to look at my goals, look at the image of my goals and feel it.  Visualization, feeling and repetition are important actions to achieve these goals. Like I said, the mind has to be primed and with repetition you can create a new roadmap that before long you will be moving from dreaming to achieving.

Once you set your financial goal, you need to implement a strategy to achieve it.  What process will you take to achieve it.  Gotta work it to see results. Set your goals as if you don’t have any obstacles in the way. What will you do everyday to speed up the process?  Are your financial goals set high enough to move you out of your comfort zone or are you setting a goal where you feel safe in achieving it?  I recommend setting a high goal outside of your comfort zone. Don’t let your past thinking interfere with your present.  Don’t look backwards, its always tempting but remember you are a working a new mindset.  Leave the old mindset in the past with all of the other lies you’ve fed yourself about why you can’t achieve your financial goals. Meditate a few minutes each day on where you want to go. Visualize that vision board and do the work.  Read, study and ask questions of those who are where you want to be.

Before you know it, you will no longer be dreaming but achieving all of your financial goals,