Women Fashion

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Jul 04, 2015 Marie Davis

'Call me a slave to fashion, but how do I get down from these without killing myself?'Coming soon, I will let you take a peek into my closet.  I have been collecting hats so far this first part of the summer. I love hats that are feminine.  There is nothing more gorgeous than a lady wearing a beautiful hat at church. I found two that I fell in love with at Macy’s.  One is red and the other is a pillbox grey. I remember how my mom use to wear hats to church and deep inside of my little brain, I said to myself, one day I was going to look like that when I went to church. Not that I will wear one every time I go to church, but I have finally arrived at the place of feeling comfortable with colorful, gorgeous hats.

We will also take a peek at some of the shoes I love and some that I love and only dream of wearing. LOL. Don’t get it wrong, I love heels, but lets be honest, the stilletos can cause some major damage after a while.

SSH!  We better not tell some ladies this, but you and I know this. So, let’s be like the Parisian women and wear heels that accentuate our lovely legs and not cause us to walk like a camel.   With love, until next time.        Au Revoir