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Jun 11, 2015 Marie Davis

LancomeParis-LupitaPersonal lifestyle is your choice, so choose well. I reside in the south end of Charlotte, NC in beautiful Rock Hill, SC.  If you have ever heard about or been to the theme park Carowinds, then you were near me. This blog site is about my personal choices in all things that create a well rounded woman without breaking the bank and creating a fabulous you. I may tend to dabble in French as well as American topics dealing with great finds in my love of  fashion, home, recipes and other tidbits of usable information.

I love almost everything made by Lancome. Ladies, I know you must have at least one item from them. They used the actress/model, Lupita Nyong’o for their lipstick and I ran out to the nearest Dillard’s and bought a couple, I found out that I love the velvety smooth way their lipsticks glide over my lips and they are not over-priced. So, they won’t be a big hit to your pocketbook. Oh, you must try at least one of their perfumes. Light and sexy.

Now, traveling to  Paris is my dream vacation.  What’s your’s?  Its the city of romance.  Dark, and sultry, with a hint of light sitting along cool bodies of water to quench your ever ragin’ fire. The Eiffel Tower is the most talked about architectural design in Paris, but the Notre Dame Cathedral is my favorite must see.  Does anyone know the number of steps to the top?  I’ve read there are 387. Which is your favorite architectural Parisian design?

I think we should set up a PK pact and save for a group adventure there.  Do you find this an interesting idea, then email me.  Don’t be shy.

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