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Meet Marie Q. Davis


Hi, I’m Marie!  Welcome to my own little corner on the world-wide web. This is my baby. I am the CEO and  President of this beautiful magazine blog Pinkestkiss.
This is where I unwind,my sacred place of refreshing.  I am so excited that you’re here that my brain is moving faster than I can type.  If that’s possible.

I believe in beautiful things. I believe women have a right to all things beautiful and a place to find info just for them.  It just so happens, that this magazine blog is a warm and lovely place to find it.  Its all at your fingertips!

I am a lover of personal style and not fashion trends.  I love couture because its personal. I believe in wearing what suits me and makes me feel beautiful.  I love all the knowledge at our fingertips to live a great life and if you feel you don’t have these, then I will help you to discover them.  I want to inspire you to live a complete life.  Women are more than one dimensional.

 I am not a genius, just a woman who is seeking to expand my horizons, strive for excellence and do so beautifully. I love good food, home, family and whatever makes me smile.  I cry at sad movies and I find I can go a whole day just on eating fruit.

I’m not a great writer but, I like to write when I have something I want to say. People have said that I’m introverted, but sometimes I do come out of my shell to peek around. I even have a couple of manuscripts covered in dust in one of my notebooks.  I will publish one very soon, so stay tuned, I have a vision board that I am working to accomplish everything on it. Atleast most of it. I’m going to give it a great try.

How It all Began

I started this magazine blog in June 2015, because I wanted a space to connect with women that was unlike Facebook or Twitter.  I just couldn’t find the words to let everyone know what I was doing every minute of the day. The thought of it was time consuming. I didn’t know if anyone would subscribe to my blog or not,
but at least it was mine.  I wanted a place to indulge in my love of fashion, home decor,  and wealth knowledge then share that love with others who wanted to soar.  This was to be a conversation and interaction with other smart women around the world. 

Other Things

I am a Christian who believes He is in control of my life.  I believe in watching sugar consumption and sharing healthy recipes.  We all enjoy some food that we know is not good for us, but the problem is when it is a constant staple in our diet. I know my family has probably heard me say this a lot of  times.

I work in healthcare from home, so this blogging thing is right at home in my life.  Works out great for me. I work in one room and relax in the other.  I am married and live in south Charlotte, NC in beautiful Rock Hill, SC.

I will do my best to bring you the most up to date info on matters to improve your life.  Whether its financial, beauty tips, fashion or lifestyle we will take this  journey together, through my blogging and articles that hit home in your life.  We may walk at times and run at other times, but we will do it together.

 Everything that I do, I do because I truly believe in challenging the status quo that says I have to have my magazine blog about one thing, mostly fashion to be successful.  I believe a woman should be well rounded in all areas to be complete.  If you believe this, then this magazine blog is for you.  That is why I do this and that is why I live with beautiful passion!